"Down Your Street" sketchbook for Art House Brooklyn

I forget how I found out about this project, but someone (thank you whoever you are!) pointed me to the Sketchbook Project at Art House Coop in Brooklyn, so I signed up back when I had delusions of tons of free time in December.  Ha ha ha.

Luckily, sometimes I work quickly and Sunday was one of those days, so I actually completed my entry (the sketchbook) and was able to mail it in on Monday.

For a look at some of the other pages, check out my Flickr set here.

Since I really would have liked more time to do some other things* in here, I signed up for another one of their projects (the Fiction Project) so I can do just that.  Where my theme for the Sketchbook Project was "Down your street", for this new one I picked "Great hopes and massive failures" and plan to revisit some of my darker and weirder days in the 80s.   My mind is already percolating ideas, throwing one funny memory up against some other unrelated image and seeing a new thing.

* What other things?  Add in more kinds of papers and more carefully, use other media, create a woven narrative, fashion an entirely new cover.


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