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Osprey mama and babies

  First painting completed at my new studio space in San Rafael was inspired by the Richmond "Whirly Crane" ospreys who I followed with great interest and delight last year at this same time, during some of the worst of the pandemic lockdown and social unrest.  That webcam was a way to stay connected to nature and I was so grateful for the beauty and majesty of Richmond and Rosie as they raised their fledglings. As it happened, a friend saw a "work in progress" post about this painting on my Instagram , so it essentially sold before it was even done!  It felt very encouraging about this risk I am taking to rent the art studio, both to make the financial commitment and to tell the universe that I intend to make art, to assert that it's important to me.  That kind of movement feels quite vulnerable, like perfectly ugly baby chicks. I've known this friend since the 5th Grade at San Domenico School, where her sweet, gentle and fun-loving nature was already full

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