More Richmond area sketches

I love hearing "that's a spot so meaningful to me because that's where I found peace walking after I was laid off" or "that's a view that reminds me of a loved one" or "my dad worked on that Chevron pier for many years" ... thank you for sending me those messages whether on Instagram or Nextdoor.  I always learn something - and it's so gratifying to hear, feels great to connect with you, and love expanding my understanding of these places by hearing your stories.

Here are some more June and July sketches.  If you want a print, please visit the Mom and Pop Art Shop in Point Richmond.  

Ferry Point, Richmond

Someone fixing rooftop at Point San Pablo Harbor

Chevron tanks viewed from Ferry Point

For several days, these goats helped get rid of weeds and undergrowth at Miller Knox Park - they were trick to capture since they kept moving!  A good challenge for remembering and capturing quickly.

Thanks all!



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