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I have been painting for patrons on commission for a couple decades and my paintings (and drawings) hang on walls in New York, London, San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, and all over the place!  

When I create a commissioned piece, I focus on the spirit and energy of the recipient and subject as I'm creating it. 

I'm weaving a blessing for you into the drawing or painting with every moment I do that dance with the paint brush or pen.  

There's almost nothing I feel more passionate about than the animals that share this amazing planet with us.  

Recently, I'm finding new joy in nature journaling and poetry and how those can combine to interesting effect in my sketchbooks.

  • Inquire for commission - kate.merriman at gmail.com

Art background:

I have gotten great benefit from study of oil painting with Gary Stutler, Timothy Horn, Laurel Daniel, and Chester ArnoldI was born and raised in San Rafael (Marin County) and have recently moved to back to beautiful Point Richmond, California, the "hidden city" - my third time living here.

I have always drawn and painted.  It was (and is) a way to day-dream, to think, to escape, to vent, to interpret, to understand things.  It is meditation, comprehension, appreciation and expression all in one act. I believe we often need a break to be wrong or goofy or enthusiastic.  I like when I can help people relax and laugh and I try to remember to have beginner's mind - and fresh eyes.  

I hope that "let's be relaxed" and "fresh eyes" quality shows up in my drawings, paintings, stuffed animals, quilts, and whatever else I make.

I'm grateful to artist and teacher Gary Stutler who asked me a key question back around 2002: "You really love dogs. Why don't you allow yourself to paint dogs?" And I do love them and I do now allow it.  I love how dogs look, the lines their sleeping selves make, their expressions and amazing beauty when running and playing.  I could look at dogs all day.  And if I won the Power-ball, I'd be saving all the dogs who need it.

Very inspired by the many talented instructors in Sketchbook Skool.

Science background:
  • Geology of the National Parks (San Francisco State Univ.)
  • Geographic Information Systems (San Francisco State Univ.)
  • Beach Watch Volunteer training (Marine Sanctuaries / NOAA)
  • Oil Spill Bird Response Team training (PRBO / NOAA - included HAZWOPER)
  • Worked as Development Director for Land Trust of Napa County (2002/03), field training as conservation easement monitor and participation in Land Trust Alliance conference

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