Recent work in the sketchbook - and now prints available in Point Richmond!

Lately, I have been loving doing pen and ink in my sketchbook, especially around here in Point Richmond - and then adding watercolor back in the home studio.  When it's windy and cold, it's so nice to hunker down in the car (with my faithful doggo in the back seat to keep me company and hopefully a Giants game on the radio) and capture what I can see - the parking gods have been with me.

Good news is that these images will now be available as prints at "Mom and Pop Art Shop" thanks to the wonderful owner, Kelly!  Right at 24 W. Richmond in Point Richmond... check them out.  

Behind the "Baltic Kiss"

Refinery town
View of oil tanker from Point Richmond
View from San Quentin Village back toward Point Richmond

Golden Gate Bridge view from Point Richmond


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