A quick study of Roger Federer. Amazing what being broke does for the creative motivation. Today is the birthday of a new friend from work. Normally I'd have just popped out to a store and plunked down $20 on something or other, just as an expression of, "hey, I like you!", or, forgive the pun, "You're aces!"

But yesterday, no such moulah. So I looked on her Facebook profile and found that she's a big fan of Roger Federer. In that Facebook group, there was this nice action photo of him, so I did this little painting on a 5" x 7" board (which luckily I'd earlier toned with orange acrylic).

I really like how it turned out! Funny how the no-pressure projects turn out to often be my favorites. Doing this painting took less than an hour. I've been spending more time than that each day reading the blogs of people who do "a painting a day" and bemoaning my lack of time. So, hmmm, what is the universe telling me? This might become the first of many small daily paintings if my depression stuff stays the heck away. Stay away! Oh here, let me help you stay away by getting some exercise. And not eating crap. And such.

Anyhow, I want to wish the lovely Sabina a very happy birthday and thank her for getting me up off my sofa and into my painting studio!
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  1. Wow, Kate, you really caught his essence. I love it. I am doing the same thing, spending hours looking at other people's journal entries on line and not doing any myself. Hmmmmm... maybe it runs in the family.
    Thanks for the insight, hopefully, it will get me going, too.


  2. great painting, i think giving handmade presents needs to make a comeback. I'm sure your friend will really appreiciate it.

  3. Thanks, Cathie - not sure how you found my blog here, but I loved getting the comment. My friend did tear up a bit, which I nervously talked over of course. :) But I agree, handmade gifts are definitely ripe for a big comeback.

  4. Hello!
    Found you via your comment on Carol Marine's.
    I also like this Federer piece. You're right, sometimes the ones with few expectations are the most freeing and it shows in the piece. Last spring I agreed to do a painting demonstration (gulp) and now it's one of my favorites!
    Keep having fun!

  5. Thanks everyone - I am now thinking of doing a painting a day for at least the month of January, see how that goes. It's a bit daunting, but I am reminding myself that if I'm ever in a bad mood, I can just dab a spot of paint on the canvas and say "very modern, all done." :)


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