Artist I dig + an "argh" moment

Flipping through the October Southwest Art magazine, I stumbled on a painting by Danny Heller - of the exterior of an Eichler. It is just beautiful - and so are the others I saw on his web site.

I've long been a huge fan of Eichler, both of the design and of Eichler's vision of community. So why in the world have I never thought to do a painting of one? This is the ARGH!!! moment.

Ultimately though, I'm grateful to find this artist and to be reminded to focus on what I love and trust my instincts.


  1. I had no idea that you were an Eichler fan... always learning more... E.

  2. You're kidding!! Wow, yes, I just love the designs and the thinking behind the neighborhoods. (Integration, walking, community.)
    Also, of course, they remind me of my San Rafael childhood and the Bears.


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