Jumpin' January

I've decided to try a painting a day for the month of January and see how it goes, what I learn, how it fits into my day. I wanted a theme or subject matter area and so enjoyed painting Roger Federer that initially I thought I might paint athletes all month. But then I came up with the alliterative "Jumpin January" and decided to make a painting a day based on the theme of jumping! The thing I liked about painting athletes was capturing the figure in motion, so this allows me even more options in that vein. Taking the leap into a new year, getting into action, all that good stuff.

If you have a favorite photograph that says "jump" to you, feel free to share it with me. Who knows, maybe I'll paint it!

For now, I think I will do all 5" x 7" paintings, since that helps with the affordability factor and also helps me keep it loose, decreases the intimidation factor.

Looking forward to sharing Jumpin' January with you all.


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