Austin Sketchcrawl 21 - "hey cupcake!"

This morning, I met up with a lovely group of folks from the Plein Air Austin group and we took part in the "World Wide Sketch Crawl #21" in and around the South Congress Avenue area.

Several people drew this great cupcake shop in an Airstream trailer, so check out the "SketchCrawl" group on Flicker to see more.

I had a blast and met several new folks. As always, this group is warm, funny and interesting.

If you click on the photo here in this blog post, you will be sent to my Flickr photos, where there are a few more sketches I did today.

I couldn't find my Moleskine sketchbook anywhere, so looked in my art room and found a great old Fabriano journal that I hadn't cracked since 2003, which is a shame since the paper in it is simply delicious. My pen, as usual is the "Uni-ball Deluxe", which somehow I found because I work with software geeks. Not sure why they love it so much, but it works great for sketching - waterproof & permanent and just like how they feel in my hand. Just TRY to steal this pen from me.


  1. Cedar season keeps me indoors on even the prettiest of days, but the idea of sketching in multiple locations is very appealing. I'm glad you set it up for those intrepid artists willing to brave the wind and cool temps.

    I sometimes join in the fun on Karin Jurek's "Different Strokes From Different Folks" site and was amused to find that you do, too! Do you know if other PAA members participate? Small world, isn't it?
    Connie Miller

  2. Connie,
    Wow, very small world! Glad you pinged me, so now I can add your blog to the ones I get updates about - are you going to do the night scene of the Lincoln Memorial for the DSFDF blog? The portrait challenge was the very first thing I'd done with the Karin Jurick folks and it was truly fun.

    Sorry you couldn't join us today, but there seemed to be interest in doing this again, so perhaps there will be an Austin edition of SketchCrawl #22! I did a lot of my sketching from inside my car, safe from pollen and cold winds!

  3. What fun to see how your day went today. I thought of you and did a sketch but no group, boo hoo. Maybe, next time... MOM


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