Jumping January 4

Well, I finally got to painting today - it's the first time my cold has abated enough that I had any pep. So between still feeling sick and some rustiness, I just decided to go have fun and start getting the flow going again.
I have no idea if the resulting painting is "good" or not, but it was just what I needed. And I actually didn't think about my painfully stuffed up ear the whole time I was in there dabbing paint around!
I love the idea of having a big group of these at the end of the month. For one thing, the images of people jumping actually lift my mood. Secondly, I think it might be really interesting to see all these little works (5" x 7") all together on a wall.


  1. Why haven't you posted your DSFDF portrait? I love it! Your artist will be so happy to be portrait in such a bright and painterly way.

  2. Done! I just finished it today... :) Always go up to a deadline, it's my nature.

  3. love this jumping one! now i'm so excited to see the rest - and putting them all together is going to be super-cool.


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