Jumping January 5, with image!

I was very tempted to put some of the great street lights from my source photo in the background but am thinking that it'll be a more pleasing group of 20+ paintings if I stay away from too much detail other than on the figures themselves.

Then, fate intervened and this painting fell wet side down onto my dog-hair-festooned floor. So I had to do some cleaning up and in the process scraped a very subtle street light into the background with my fingernail. I'll have to take a photo of that for y'all too.

These are turning out to be very fun. And it's a huge relief to finally be just in there painting regularly, can't describe how big a shift that is energetically, but it is. I've been doing those "Artist's Way" morning pages and I think that's got to be at work here too.

Also started imagining installing several very shallow but long shelves (more like picture strips) on my bedroom wall where these can start accumulating over the month - I found myself having a big old grin as I visualized it. So gotta get myself to Home Depot!


  1. Thanks, P! I suddenly now remember some kind of basketball connection. This guy is a little pale for that, so perhaps I'll do a Brian Shaw or Brian Johnson for us this month too!

  2. How funny that accidents can turn into happy ones. I love Home Depot.... could spend hours there. Love this painting too. A little vintage and retro feel to it.


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