Maverick gets patriotic for the inauguration

This here is "Maverick", the turkey vulture who sits on my cube wall staring at the back of my neck as I work. So comforting! He wore some Christmas bells for December but now is all gussied up for the Presidential Inauguration. Isn't he handsome?


  1. Well I have to give you snaps for having a turkey vulture (one of the ugliest birds I've seen) appearing to be eying the back of your neck as if it were an appetizer. Was this a gift? Did the person have a grudge? HUGS!

  2. Sheila, you crack me up! We are going to have to meet in the "real world" some day. :)

    I actually bought that turkey vulture to decorate my cube during Halloween but love him too much now to take him down, so just dress him up for each new festivity. I named him Maverick as part of an ongoing "Point / Counterpoint" thing I have going with my Republican boss (who thank goodness has a great sense of humor).

  3. I wonder what Mrs. Twilleger would think?

  4. Ha! Mom, that's a funny thought. Not sure what she'd think but I know she'd be calling him a "tippy glider." :)

  5. Hey you mom lives in Marin? That's just a hop, skip and a jump (albeit a long one) from me. We'll do lunch. Now I know where your artistic talent comes from....


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