Learning to do sculpture!

Well, I've been trying to figure out a time when both budget and schedule planets would align such that I could take a sculpture class at Atelier 3-D here in Austin. (I've also been drooling over the summer schedule for Penland, but that's a whole other plane of expenditure and I don't see it happening this year. Maybe 2010.)

It looks like it's finally the time! I'm going to be starting an "Introduction to Sculpture" class Wednesday nights, starting in a couple of weeks. I'm sure the teaching will be great, as I really like Steve Dubov's style. Here's the full description of the class:

"It's all about discovery, surprises, and personal growth in this class! This is a special opportunity to learn about processes and techniques, as well as the possibilities and limitations of the materials used.

Experiment with new materials and creative possibilities as you move through the course of Art History the hands-on way!

We will review the history of aesthetics as it relates to sculpture: students will learn about the mimetic theory while modeling in plasticine (oil-based clay); they will then learn about the representational theory and its subtractive and additive methods; finally, using planes, wires and mobiles, students will practice impressionism, expressionism and abstraction.

Students will create 6 finished pieces and leave with a new wealth of creative experience. "

Can't wait! Sorry dogs, I will be ignoring you on Wednesday nights for about six weeks. Perhaps you will stay with your buddies at Taurus.


  1. I am trying to come up with something for a class project. It is a thinking process, the drawing then the end result.

  2. Yeah, I'm excited! This is the same place where I did that "Wired Lines in Space" class and created the dog chasing ball sculpture. The teacher used to live up in Sonoma and is just s cool dude.

  3. Wyn,
    Do I know you? I can't link through to a profile for you.

  4. I'm so envious! I'll vicariously enjoy the class through your blogs hopefully.

  5. You don't know me and my blogs are mostly "heart broken drivel. :( No one reads them if they are happy. LOL
    Sculpture, I am taking that now and it has gotten off to a project you create yourself, a simple one, before moving on to the "more extreme and difficult projects".

    The instructor asked us to create a work of art out of something that we had a LOT of, anything from boxes to whatever you have laying around.

    I had a lot of nuts and bolts so using styrofoam (sp) to stick silver screws in, then the bottom has to be completely covered, painted, then covered in silver tacks. I don't know how it's gonna turn out. It's due the end of next week I think. It's a three day class of 2 hours and 50 min., and she allows you to do some of the work at home, although we have to work in class.

    If you would like to know my progress, I have set my email to let me know when you or anyone replies.

    Glad to meet you.
    Wyn (female)
    PS I am an Art Major so most of my classes are Art related. It's kinda neat.


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