1001journals - Journal 3766 - Dogs!

I rented this wonderful little documentary called "1000 Journals" the other day and found it so inspiring and energizing. (It's available on Netflix and I highly recommend it to artist friends... of course, I think everyone is an artist of some kind.)

I searched around to see if there was any followup project like 1000 Journals that I could take part in and sure enough,there is! In fact there are tons of projects, but I decided to connect with the one that is officially connected with the original project and set up 2 traveling journals via the 1001journals.com site.

The image here is the frontispiece of journal 3766, which you can see more about here: http://www.1001journals.com/journals/3766

The theme is dogs - rescue dogs in particular. I have mailed it off to the first person in line and hope she keeps the journal going.
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