work in progress - "botiquin"

This was another fun painting to start on today - definitely a work-in-progress but I couldn't go much further today - need paint to dry more in order not to create mud.

So, last week I was waiting on my microwave lunch and staring without much thought at the little first aid kit in the breakroom. It said, of course, "First Aid Kit" on it but also "Botiquin de Primeros Auxilios". So I started wondering if a "bodkin" was a little box and if there was some root word clue here. So of course consulted with coworked Ben, who is a word geek extraordinaire. He drew me this awesome etymylogical "map" of the word "botiquin" - sadly, it has nothing to do with "bodkin" (which means dagger.) But the map was really really groovy and it reminded me somehow of Squeak Carnwath paintings, which I'd recently seen some great video about (thanks to Sheila!) So wanted to create a painting inspired by the word map.

Then thought of a bunch of words that I'd love to do "map" paintings of. So we'll see! But fun so far.
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