Esther, a piggie friend at Dreamtime Sanctuary

This is the painting I am donating to the Dreamtime Sanctuary in Elgin, TX. This is the pig who totally charmed me over. Her name is Esther. Buenos, Esther!

Due to this year's drought, the price of hay has gotten very high. The sanctuary could really use your donation if you have a spare $20 or spare million.

18" x 18" original oil on canvas
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  1. Did you actually visit the sanctuary? If you did , did you find pigs are as or even smarter than dogs sometimes? You've captured a rather smart [both physically and mentally] looking pig! she's lovely! Great colors.....

  2. I did visit - nice and early on a Saturday morning so the light was gorgeous. As was this pig. I didn't hang out long enough to gauge their intelligence, but they were so affectionate and interactive! I'm definitely not eating another pig as long as I live.

  3. How nice that you visited Esther and did the super painting for the sanctuary! Surely pigs were placed on earth for a greater purpose than bacon! Love your colors and the composition!


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