land of lost socks

"The Land of Lost Socks"
40" x 40" oil on canvas

A friend of mine recently posted something on her facebook status, wondering there about where all the socks go that disappear in her (and my, and everyone's) dryer.

So I've been mulling on painting the land of these lost socks for days. Today, I was supposed to go to book group but just had to paint instead - the socks were calling so loudly and I have so little free time these days. I apologize to the wonderful, witty and warm women of the book club, who picked a compelling and enjoyable read this month (the Time Traveler's Wife). Hey! Maybe the missing socks are time travelers.
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  1. Love this painting, and all your dog ones, and just your painting style in general. I'm your fan, don'tcha got no Followers box? Maybe you don't have the ego that some of us other bloggers do, lol...

  2. Thanks Camille - I think people can follow my blog using their Google readers, so that's what I'm assuming they are doing - maybe wrongly?

    This painting is still available - quite big, but still for sale. :)


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