couch & sofa - help me pick the new fabric!

Found this chair and 3-seater matching couch at Salvation Army on Saturday (where maybe also I acquired the stomach virus?) for a mere $149! These cushions are all completely detachable and I'm excited to created new covers. In fact, was all set to go to the fabric store on Sunday but, no go. Here are the fabric swatches I ordered that look like good possibilies.  These are all shots of a 7-inch swatch. Anyone want to vote?

"Jetson" in straw

"Angelica" in cocoa

"Tom's Garden" in marigold

"Nikko" in green tea

"Prelude" in stone

Kadden - School

Center Swirl - Basil

Lonesome Dawn

Lonesome Dawn (16" x 16")


  1. love the Center Swirl - Basil!

  2. I like the prelude... you could do throw cushions with the Center Swirl... if you want less doggy impact, I'd go for the Center Swirl...MOM


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