five by seven show at the Arthouse

There is a show to raise money for a local art organization called Arthouse where artists all contribute works sized 5 by 7 inches and sign their names only on the backs, so buyers come and buy works without knowing who they are created by.  And all the pieces are just $100 each.  This is my first year participating and I'm excited to see how it goes.

If you are going to attend the show and want to be fully surprised, read no further.

However, if you are one of my buddies in California or New York, here's what I created for this show.  I pulled some pages that spoke to me out of a copy of "All the Pretty Horses" and fixed them to the 5" x 7" board.  Then drew a dog napping on my couch in Sharpie and layered on Sennelier oil pastels.  I also scraped away some oils to reveal some words and phrases I wanted to see better.  I'm always intrigued by how many beautiful shapes my silly dogs create just while sleeping.  I think I could just draw and paint sleeping dogs for the rest of my life.


  1. Kate, I love these! Now I have to go to this Arthouse shin-dig! ;-)

  2. Robin, thanks so much, as always, for being such an encouraging voice for me!

    I can bring a guest to the opening and let that guest have a discounted ticket of $60 (instead of $125). (That's for the big Thursday night thing.)
    You are very welcome to be my guest!!

    OR, someone I phoned at the Arthouse told me there is an artist's event on Friday night for just $30 a person and we could do that instead... and maybe my pieces wouldn't be purchased yet???

  3. How fun and beautiful, Kate. You really do have a unique eye. And there's that signature chartreuse! :-)


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