the nifty niche

Hello folks,
(Assuming there are at least two people reading!)  I am not typically creating new art to post every day, but I'm thinking about art every day, so thought I'd post more right here on my existing blog instead of creating another new one.

Lately, the subtle deliciousness of niches has been calling to me.   So, I thought I'd start posting a new series of finds I'm going to call "nifty niches" because I'm largely an alliteration loony.   I have to thank Tracy for inspiring me on this when she posted something about spotting a magazine all about turkey hunting and was in awe, as I would have been, that there is actually an eager audience and enough content to bring this to fruition month after month.  So, "nifty niche" could also be considered "there's a whole thing about that?" - depending on your point of view.

Here are my finds today - and I will try to post a new "nifty niche" every day.  Um, until I get into something else.

Find #1 - The Hand Drawn Map Association.  (Credit to ReadyMade magazine for drawing my attention to this cool group of folks.  Drawing, get it?!)  Their stated mission and function is stated in a lovely straightforward way: "The Hand Drawn Map Association (HDMA) is an ongoing archive of user submitted maps and other interesting diagrams created by hand."

Find #2 -  B.A.R.F. (Bay Area Rapid Folders origami club) - not only are they creative artisans, they obviously have the ability to laugh at themselves too.

Here is an amazing origami crayfish.

Find # 3 - International Association of AstacologyYes, a professional organization "dedicated to the study, conservation, and wise utilization of freshwater crayfish."  And it looks like if you'd like to get in on this niche, you might need to act quickly.  At their symposium this year, one of the main topics will "include the future status of Freshwater Crayfish as a journal; possible cooperative 'agreement(s)' with other societies such as the existing IAA-FF agreement, and possibly changing to an annual IAA membership cycle from the current 2-yearly cycle"  You know what, these things are disgusting-looking scorpion-like dudes and I can't believe I actually enjoyed eating them.  Perhaps not in future!


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