Come take advantage of me moving to a tiny beach shack and get some amazing bargains (also many free items) at my yard sale this Saturday 8/7 from 8 am to noon!!  Email me for deets.

I am just beyond happy with everything that's happening around my move to California, despite all the hard work and dust involved.

I'm finding myself totally willing to let go of so many things and as I do, I realize ways in which they were tying me down and cramping me up.  I have the excuse of moving to a 600-square foot place, but I might be doing this no matter what.

For example, I'm leaning toward getting a Kindle e-reader and am losing hundreds of pounds of books.  (I'm only able to move 900 pounds of stuff in the trailer that the CRV is able to haul.)

I realized as I grabbed for my favorite plate for dinner last night that I love it because it's beautiful, lightweight, unbreakable and fun - and I just ignore all my other dishes.  So out goes everything that's not Zak melanine, basically.

Got the nicest email from my mom today, reassuring me that she has no ties or expectations about anything she's given me in the past and explicitly stating that getting rid of stuff in Austin before the move has her every blessing.  How lucky am I??

Today, I saw this amazing design idea to create a fence out of old surfboards.  There is one low fence at the new Bolinas house that will need to become higher somehow and I think this is my perfect solution!  So I posted something, kind of just being cheeky, saying I was accepting donations of old un-usable surfboards and 10 minutes later already have a donation!!  Hang ten, baby.

I think it's got to be helping my frame of mind that two of my close friends have gracefully jumped into different, more "lightweight" lives.  My buddy Gardner completed her MFA and is able to hit the road with her hubbie Joel and often lives in their RV parked near the ocean, bikes around and makes new friends and gets so much out of her new life.  My other buddy Susan and her husband Fred sold just about everything and are now just starting their 2-year stint as Peace Corps Volunteers in Armenia.  I love Facebook for letting me keep in touch with them as they do that journey.  Thank you interwebs and thank you, inspiring and adventurous friends.


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