Having fun with pet commissions!

Well, I'm feeling very grateful to the fine folks at ArtHouse in Austin.  Thanks to their 5x7 show, which I participated in this year, I just secured a commission from a lovely new patroness in Dallas, Texas.

She has a beautiful Labrador who will be a joy to paint - and she wants two paintings of the puppy!  Wish I could post her photos, but since it's a surprise gift, I can't.  The holidays are tricky for posting, since so many of these are surprises for people.  I promise to post photos and paintings as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I've created a new profile on Facebook so that patrons and other artists can "friend me" there and not have to read all the drivel about my personal life but just get posts about art stuff.  If that applies to you, follow that link and I'll see you on the Facebook side!

Cheers and stay warm!


  1. That black lab is a favorite, Kate... congrats on the commissions... MOM


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