Show is almost ready!

I might nearly be ready!

Can't believe it, but after taking a few days spur-of-the-moment vacation, I created 8 new paintings and might actually make this deadline to hang a new show on Feb 3! And, I have to say I should work under nutty deadlines more often, since these paintings are some of my favorites I've ever done. So happy.

Here are some not-great photos, taken while these are still wet (so have funky shine), just to give you a little preview. I titled the show "A Wet Dog is the Lovingest" after the wonderful little Ogden Nash poem.

There will be a "Meet the Artist" gathering at Marin Coffee Roasters on San Anselmo Ave (San Anselmo) at 6 pm on Friday Feb 4. Come on down! Or, just amble in there any time in Feb or March to see the finished works.All are for sale except for "The 180", which is a painting of my very sweet new landlords' doggie Otis and will be a gift to them.


  1. I think this one is my favorite, Kate.... I love the sense of anticipation that is through out the dog's body and spirit... eager to see it up close and personal!


  2. Kate - you should make a Blurb book of your dog portraits! I'd love to have one.


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