Paintings for sale - Help Grayson run again!

If you'd like to become an official Grayson fan, here are the fundraising items in my Etsy store:

On Wednesday, May 4, I tried to get my beautiful Catahoula dog, Grayson, up and on a walk only to find he was completely paralyzed in his rear legs.  He'd had a horrible fall onto his back on Monday afternoon and we'd gone to the emergency vet but seemed fine.  Grayson had been totally mobile (if looking pained) all day Tuesday.

So we rushed to the vet.

Long story short, the talented and kind veterinarian neurosurgeon, Lisa Klopp, moved all of her scheduled surgeries to do an emergency surgery on Grayson's back Wednesday night.  The delayed onset of the paralysis seemed odd to her also and she was cautious about saying what extent of recovery Grayson might make, but that surgery could result in him being able to walk again.  The clinic, bless them, arranged a payment plan with me since I didn't have a spare $8,000 sitting around.

As I sat at home, waiting and worrying, I devised a few little fundraising ideas to help cover this surgery cost.  I've put them out on Facebook and already, generous Grayson fans have helped put $800 into that surgery fund.

Grayson is resting and healing up and I'm hopeful he'll walk in the coming weeks.  Yesterday, he wagged his tail!  We have our first physical therapy appointment today and I'm eager to hear from that professional about how she thinks he's progressing.


  1. Kate, That is horrible! I had no idea. I know how it is when your pet needs emergency surgery, I think I'm still paying on Buddy's 12,000 dollar bill from 3 years ago. We would love to help and I will send this to all my dog friends. Keep me posted since I don't have facebook. Love Julie & Mike & Hunter Willis

  2. Thanks you wonderful Willises, human and canine!


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