Daily painting? Food for thought!

‎"What the Good Fight Means to Me: wash your own brain (before it's washed for you), think for yourself and whenever possible: produce more media than you are consuming. banish or destroy all ideas confusing money with value. those with time, talent, and commitment to spare, marshall your resources towards creating Art as a vehicle for the insurrection of Imagination - the chief inlet for Soul in the digital era." —Antero Alli, Bay Area filmmaker

I spotted this quote on a little Facebook group I follow called "San Francisco Art Monks".   I can't profess to actually understand what an art monk is exactly, but luckily there was no quiz required to join.

But anyway!  The quote so resonated with me and made me want to re-write my artist statement immediately.  But the reason I haven't been able to forget this quote over the past few days is that part about aiming to "produce more media than you are consuming."

That felt like a shake-up and challenge and an inspiration.  

Yesterday I completed a painting all in one day, in a very "in the flow" wonderful way.  This encouraged me to take that challenge a little more seriously and I'm thinking about what kind of goal to set for myself.  Maybe I should go for "paint every day" if not "complete a painting every day"?  It would be so great to be in that MOMENTUM place again.

I wish I could share the image of the painting but it was a commissioned surprise gift type deal, so I can't.  :(  Yet another reason to paint something today, just for that immediate gratification of sharing it with y'all!

Update: I decided I do want to paint every day, even just for a 1/2 hour or so if time is tight.   So grabbed a 20" x 24" canvas and made a start, very rough, just blocking in masses and figuring out composition.  Not much to look at yet, but here she is:


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