Halleck Creek Ranch, Nicasio

While Elsa was on her first trail ride at Halleck Creek Ranch, I did a little sketching. The weather was glorious, the hills beautiful, and the people lovely. Great day!

As I was driving back home, with Elsa fast asleep in the back seat, I was imagining a series of semi-abstracts where I could celebrate the gorgeous hills of the canyon at Halleck Creek and then in the heart of the painting, show in an abstract way the electricity and love that seems to be generated here by the connections and support people are giving each other.  Not sure if others might understand it the way I'm imagining it, but it's compelling - and doing something more representational isn't calling me.  We shall see!

The scale of the hills to the relatively little humans and horses below impressed me.  I think I should have turned the sketchbook (for the sketch above) the other way around to capture it!


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