Gabe and Gabby

Got to spend a couple days this weekend "with" the adorable pugs Gabe and Gabby, as I completed the commissioned paintings for their "parents" who hale from Austin, Texas!  What great little faces these pugs have, eh?  Our quiet street was insanely busy while I painted yesterday with Point Richmond's "all city" yard sale, so I just pretended I was in Greenwich Village  or something!  As usual, I played my favorite NPR show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" while I worked, which always gets me laughing.  Hopefully some of the laughter sneaked into the paintings.

The larger painting is 16" x 20", the smaller ones each are 8" x 10" (oil on canvas).  Now just need to dry and they travel to Texas!


  1. Awwwww very cool! Thought of painting any geckos?

  2. Thanks - I haven't, but they are cool critters, so it would be fun to paint them!


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