Sketchbook project - page 1

Sometimes it's hard to create that first page in a new sketchbook, all clean and blank and full of limitless possibility.  Here's my first page in what will be my submission to the Sketchbook Project 2014.

I asked myself, hey, since I'll be giving this sketchbook away for others to read, what do I really want to communicate?  And right now, there's nothing more important to me than advocating for us all to switch to a plant-based diet.   I loved the Albert Schweitzer quote and will probably include more of the like.   The sketch is based on a photo from an organization I really love, Farm Sanctuary.

My buddy Laura and I are all signed up to go to their Orland farm's big Hoe Down in May and I can't wait!!   I'm even donating a painting for their silent auction.


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