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Took my Sketchbook Project book-in-progress with me to the park and penned in the drawing while Lulu and Grayson romped around and played with other dogs, then added some oil pastel back here at home. I love it here in Point Richmond!  Ran into my buddy Karen this morning and am starting to recognize so many of the local faces, even when I don't know their names.  Feels great to stay in one place for a while.

The theme of my sketchbook is "eating plant-based" and I got great encouragement at the annual "Hoe Down" fundraiser weekend in Orland at the Farm Sanctuary.  It was nice to be somewhere with 200 people and have the default be vegan food - no fussy checking of menus, just grabbing any yummy-looking thing and enjoying!


  1. You really captured the passion behind the decision to not have an animal killed to provide me with food I do not need!


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