Keep on truckin'

It was a perfect sunny morning for joining "Da Group" for the first time and they welcomed me warmly.  Super friendly and talented group of folks! We met up at Larry's Produce in Fairfield, where I took the opportunity to buy sweet onions and peaches.  I was chatting with the check-out clerk there and said I was going to paint the old truck in the back and he looked really alarmed... then I realized he thought I planned to put paint ON the old truck... ha ha.  Cleared that one up and shared a little chuckle.

After not painting for several months, I was aiming just to get in the swing of looking and mixing paint and making marks, and happily put no pressure on myself to "make a painting."  And it felt really lovely to be doing that observing and dabbing of color.  I thought I'd been organized with my gear but quickly discovered I'd forgotten any medium and only brought one blue - made do with some Turpenoid.   This little piece may or may not be "finished" but I like it as a study for sure!  8" x 10" oil on gatorboard

I seriously need a bigger hat for the sun!

Larry's seems like a fun place to go with kids and maybe I'll take Elsa sometime and we can wander the fields where they let you "pick your own."   The pumpkins arrived today too.

On my drive to Larry's, I saw a lot of new development in Fairfield that had turned former farm fields into corporate parks akin to those in Silicon Valley and a bunch of new houses all crammed super close together.  


  1. Love the truck! Nice to meet you today. See you soon.


  2. Great to meet you! Thanks again for being so nice to a newbie.


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