Star Route Farms

For someone like me, a foggy day in Bolinas is heaven - and even more so if I'm painting outside!  The "Art on the Farm" group was given the opportunity to paint at Star Route Farms today, courtesy of Warren and Amy Weber.  My friend Noreen met me out there and it turned out we had great swathes of gorgeous fields and vistas to ourselves.  We shared excellent conversation and serene time painting.  My watercolorista mom had planned to join us but wasn't feeling well today.

I'd taken the dogs to the beach for a quick run prior and the cool weather was perfect for letting them nap in the car while we dabbed paint on canvas and paper. 

8" x 16" oil on canvas board - "Star Route Farms #1" - $650

8" x 10" oil on wood panel - "Star Route Farms #2" - $500

It's been a truly invigorating feeling to be painting again after so long.  I feel like the rest really did something powerfully good for me.  And, I sense that taking action and making art again is already shifting things around me.  Little things and big.  For example, one generous friend suddenly donated several beautiful canvasses for me to paint on and I "somehow stumbled on" a fascinating opportunity with a local art space.  More on that tomorrow!

Once these dry a bit more and I can take better (non-glare-y) photos, I'll be posting them for sale on my Etsy store if you'd like to purchase that way.  I'll update my blog to update you.


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