Cougar on Scenic

One of my neighbors emailed me about this 1969 Cougar on Scenic and I found it this morning to take a few photos.  Such a great growl-y beast!

This was done with my Sakura brush pen, which creates a nice wash and flows into the watercolor.  I like the effect.

I also took some photos of other cars in the vicinity, so more to come soon.  I'd wanted to draw one last night during the (sad) Giants/Dodgers game but was all out of photos, so now I'm set for a while.  This is turning into a fun way to get to know "the Point."  I was trying to think of synonyms for car that start with the letter P so I could name this series something alliterative, but so far can't think of anything.  Except maybe "Parked in the Point"?  Anyhow, ideas welcome!!  I'd like to include boats too.  Love me some boats.

Here's a drawing I did as a commission for my cousin Joe, who is the captain of US Army Corps of Engineers' vessel, the "Raccoon."

I've been doing quite a few commissions.  Very grateful for these, since I'm saving up for a pretty expensive dental surgery for my dog Grayson.


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