Ford Station Wagon on Crest

Huge station wagon on Crest reminds me of my friend Birdie's "Olds 88" - in which one could lie down nearly fully stretched out across the back seat.  My sisters teased our dad that his Oldsmobile (also this era) was a "mush-mobile" due to its ride.   Now, this vehicle clearly says "Ford" so I'm just free-associating here, but I think they must be quite similar.  Anyhow, this shot of the Ford with the powerlines in the background as the hill rises up to the right just made me smile.

Almost at the end of the drawing, I noticed a big area where I'd gotten the perspective completely whacked, but decided to mentally file this under "gives it wonky character" and kept going.  As one of my revered teachers, Tommy Kane, taught me!  Same thing applied when my watercolors did some blooming.  Just keep going!  And when I finished, I realized, hey, I actually really dig this just as is!

Yesterday, I did a medium splurge on some new watercolor paints and got some Schmincke tube colors.  They were so expensive that I limited myself to one red, two blues, a yellow, a white and a burnt sienna.  This station wagon was the virgin expedition for those colors and I really enjoyed these paints.  Now just can't wait for my next art store shopping trip!

I've been sharing these drawing/paintings on the "NextDoor Point Richmond" discussion board and got a compliment there that really sings to me.  I'd never heard this expression before, but one of my neighbors wrote (responding to one of the drawings), "As we say in New York, you've got a fresh head."  Isn't that funny?


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