Getting ready for Point to Point Richmond tomorrow

I wanted a smaller size paper for doing these free sketches at "Point to Point Richmond" pop-up event tomorrow and don't have a good paper cutter.

Happily stumbled on these pads of paper intended to use in "scrapbooks" and the pieces measure 6" x 6".  I tried out the pen drawing, some stamped letters and a wash of watercolor on the "back side" (the white side) and the paper does pretty well!  (Found these at the Joann's store, which is convenient to me but has a pretty limited selection of art supplies - plus it always smells like massive plastic off-gassing in there. Yet I go there.)

So, anyhow, when I hand out these sketches, they'll be a fun size plus have a pretty background on the reverse side.  I'm also going to stamp people's names on these if they want.  And at $4.00 for 48 sheets, wow, I can't go wrong.

I decided I'll also bring a few books along to share with anyone who wants to take a look while they're at the event.  The one that came to mind, especially great for kids, is "Beautiful Oops."  

Also, my Sketchbook Skool t-shirt arrived the other day, so guess what I'll be wearing to the event?  Excited!


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