Jim's Rambler on Nicholl

When I first moved to Point Richmond about 7 years ago, I noticed my next-door neighbor, an elderly gentleman, was often happily occupied fixing up his old Rambler.  Not even a year later, I had to move to Texas for my job so sadly left the lovely Victorian flat.   Fast forward 3 years and I somehow, miraculously, was looking for a place back here in the Bay Area when my same old, much-loved flat was open for rent again.  I snagged it gratefully!

I noticed my neighbor was still enjoying working on his car and had to laugh a bit that there was no discernible improvement.  But he looked so happy tinkering, so that's all that mattered anyhow.  This second round of me living here has lasted, so far, about three years.  (Which for this restless gypsy is sort of record-breaking.)

Just a few months ago, this neighbor was found wandering on the freeway and I haven't seen him at his house or working on his car since.  I believe his family has taken him in so they can make sure he's in a safe situation.  The Rambler sits patiently waiting at the curb and I say a prayer for its owner every time I pass by it.  Thought I'd snap a photo of her today and do a little drawing/painting in honor of both car and owner, wherever he is now.

As I was drawing this, I noticed something in the photo that I didn't see when I snapped it - there is a little note placed on his windshield.  I wonder what it says.


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