Point to Point Richmond event was good fun!

On Saturday, our community (Point Richmond) had a pop-up event (Point to Point Richmond) to enliven town spirit and help make interesting new connections between our residents, artisans and small businesses.  I took part by offering free sketches and was stationed next to a lovely young artist named Ryan who offered free portraits.

There weren't nearly as many people coming to our tables as I expected, so I just filled in my free time with a slow, detailed drawing of a couple of downtown buildings, which (I discovered) are quite fascinating.

Here are my photos (on Flickr) from the day:

Take a peek to see what objects people brought and my pictures of each finished sketch with its relevant human.

Bob Colin took some nice photos of other parts of the event, including the very cool labyrinth made of shoes created by Lars Howlett, who had the original inspiration for Point to Point Richmond.  These photos are here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.432615336880072.1073741833.401917819949824&type=1

Here is Bob's photo of me at my table (below).  In this, I'm drawing someone's wallet while a fellow artist shares with me about her sister's art gallery - and suddenly, over her shoulder, I spot a friend arriving.

Again, I want to give much appreciation to Sketchbook Skool for getting me in the drawing groove again and bolstering my confidence.  Without that foundation, I don't know if I'd have volunteered to do this project.  I took all the great tips and attitude about sharing art and found it helped me have a laughter-filled, relaxed, interesting day and connect with this awesome village I call home.


  1. What a kool project and wonderful that you participated by giving art away made on the spot! Great to get out there and do things like this just to bring art into peoples awareness's. That it can be done by all, and be simple and fun. I bet you inspired someone even if it wasn't apparent at the time. Were there any kids around, and did they get inspired? I bet so.

  2. There were some kids! And some people perused the books I brought about sketching... although they assumed I must be the author and were surprised when I said, "Oh no, those are just books that inspire me and I hope will inspire you to start drawing too."


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