Landcruiser on West Richmond at Vacca

I'm pretty sure this Trooper was parked on Mono Street.  I should have paid a bit more attention!

It was a hot afternoon in our normally very brisk and cool town.  Definitely some climate change going down.

Update 7/25: I shared this to our local online discussion board and neighbor Andrew kindly gave me the real scoop: 

"Nice! That's not a Trooper though - It's a Toyota Landcruiser (FJ40) with an Isuzu Trooper tire cover. Even better!"

I guess my first clue should have been when I drew the plate on the back that says "Toyota"!  I must have been firmly planted in my left brain at that point.  

I also recreated my route using Google maps street view and figured out this was actually not Mono Street, but West Richmond Avenue at Vacca.  Just for the record. :)


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