VW Bus on Washington

I'm taking my mind off the discouraging Giants streak by drawing and painting some more.  I also should be cleaning my house, but looking for a good excuse to procrastinate on that too!

I wonder how many adventures this VW bus has seen?  Mountain lakes?  S'mores?  Grateful Dead concerts?

This one lives high up on Washington with a glimpse of the bay and Mount Tamalpais beyond (or it could be Angel Island.)  Still working to understand the watercolors but learning a bunch with each effort.


  1. We had a blue Ford Econoline "bus" it was a van. Barbie Russell from Lucas Valley had one, that is how we got the idea. We traded it in after my back surgery in 1968 as I needed power steering. It was such a fun vehicle... of course you all bounced around the back with out seat belts . I shudder to think about this now!


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