Sometimes, I just see a photo that sings, "paint me, paint me!"

And that photo is usually connected to someone I like, so it's heart-warming to then spend time drawing and painting while thinking about that person and hoping they'll enjoy a surprise.  It's the best form of meditation I can imagine.

That was the case when I spotted a photo of Kristi's little dog, Paco, on Facebook recently,  Now Kristi is just full of awesome in many ways, but her sense of humor is one of my favorites. She's especially funny about how she was really a cat person but this dog just wheedled her way into her heart.  And with that cute face, you can see why.

Paco and Kristi live in Austin, Texas - met Kristi when I lived there for a couple of years, but will have to venture back soon to meet Paco his own self.


  1. Kate, you are one amazing person, and I'm glad to know you :)


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