Go Giants!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while here!  Sadly since my last post, my application to be part of Beach Watch didn't pan out - the group had a lot of applicants for the volunteer spots so that's a win for beaches, but a bummer for me.

Happily, our San Francisco Giants are doing well and I'm enjoying the third Sketchbook Skool class greatly.  One of our assignments this week was to create a "manual" of some kind.  Here is what I came up with.

Last night's game was one of those awesome, cliff-hanger-y, "Giants torture" kind of games.  Loved it!

I was very lucky to go to Monday's day game with my excellent friend Barbara.  We both had fun playing with the "Slo-Mo" function on our iPhones, recording people waving rally towels.

I drew this "How to pack for the Giants Game" manual while enjoying lunch before the game.  It's great to have friends who put up with me drawing during our time together.

Barbara even let me use her "Ganesh, remover of obstacles" charm as a "model" for this piece.  Not sure if Ganesh truly did her job on Monday, but we ultimately succeeded last night, so that's ok.

Update October 11 - I'm adding other "Giants-oriented" images below:

Sketchbook page I did during the no-hitter (June 25) that Tim Lincecum threw - which, of course, I had no idea would be happening while I was drawing.  What a killer day.  It was supposed to just be a long lunch of a few innings with my new boss (who is a HUGE fan and had never seen a no-hitter) but we kept canceling our afternoon meetings as the streak continued.  

Custom Converse shoes I ordered up in Giants colors. 
Buster Posey (from photograph)
September 14th game against the Dodgers, which was a treat from my lovely friend Barbara.  

Just before the special event on June 14 - the Lefty O'Doul Gate with Juan Marichal statue.

The fifth is from June 14, which was the very first time I took my sketchbook to the ballpark - this sketch is of a special event honoring women baseball fans and took place before the game started.  That's why you see the guy on the field with the big rake.

The view from our seats on June 14 - I loved seeing all the boats in McCovey Cove!


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