Skulls with John Muir Laws and the Nature Journal Club

My Great Dane and Dachshund skull drawings.

After enjoying the Facebook group of the Nature Journal Club for quite a few months now, I finally was able to join them in person for a "field trip" - and today the "field" was the California Academy of Sciences to catch one of the last days of the awesome "Skulls" exhibit.

It was a gorgeous day and a good-sized group (about 30) of all ages.  John Muir Laws gave us a quick introduction and some time to sketch, and then gave an in-depth class about skulls and what to look for on them and how to draw them.  Quick lunch outside with our friend, the gull, and back again to draw some more.  I had to leave a bit early so missed the later journal share, but the dogs, I knew, were eager to have me return and let them out for a run.

I highly recommend that any sketchbook folks in the Bay Area check out this group.

I drew in a 5" x 8" Handbook, mostly with my new love, the Pelikan fountain pen.  But also messed around with some Tombow pen and waterbrush and gave the non-photo blue pencil a try in the afternoon after seeing JML demo it in the morning.

Of course, even though there were so many cool, exotic skulls there, I kept gravitating to the dogs.  What is it with me and dogs?

JML sketching the Gray Wolf skull.
My Wandering Albatross sketch from the afternoon.  It got so crowded and wild after lunch!

David Lukas joined us - I'll have to check out his books!

David Lukas, JML, gull friend on fountain, other Club members.

Club members enjoying lunch in the lovely sun.

JML sketching demo of the gull on the fountain.
My sketch of the gull on the fountain at lunch.

Great Dane skull (and other smaller dogs)

Mug says "Eye Opener" and my Gray Wolf sketch

Notes and sketches from the lecture.

Another morning sketch - California Sea Lion "C9".


  1. You had quite a day. I love taking JM Laws' classes. He is a great teacher and explains things really well. Glad you had a good experience.

  2. Thanks! It really was great. Wish you could have come.

  3. Sorry I couldn't make this outing. Hope to see you another time. Good job Kate.

  4. Thanks - dotsrainbow, I'm not sure who you are, but I'm guessing you're a friend I invited to join us? Anyhow, thanks for the nice comment!


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