Kiki brings the Christmas (and painting) joy!

Here's an image that completely made my day, if not my week.  It's a sweet person receiving a surprise painting I created of her dog, Kiki, on commission by her very thoughtful and loving hubbie.

There is really nothing better for this artist than knowing an artwork is going to have people loving it!

Below is an image of the painting.

It's the first oil painting I tried after a long spell where I felt like I couldn't do oil painting any more.  Instead, I had turned my focus to daily drawing in my sketchbook.  I just didn't want to struggle with paint when it wasn't fun any more.

But what really amazed me was how the daily drawing practice made doing the oil painting about a million times more fun and masterful. Some kind of neural pathway had been forged where my hand, heart and brain just never encountered "struggle" at all once I got started!

If this lovely friend had not commissioned me to do this painting, I may not have figured that out, since I really had to force myself to break out the oil paints again.  But, wow, what a discovery. (Good news for any of you who want oil paintings - turns out I'm back into it again with gusto!!)  I am so thrilled with how this came out and how fluid and happy the process was.  Gone was the struggle, returned was the joy.  Hoorah!

Kiki, original oil painting on canvas, 16" x 20".


  1. Beautiful Kate. Welcome back. I am happy to read how much sketching helped your painting. I think its such an important foundation to all art work.

  2. Thank you my sweet friend!! You are an ongoing inspiration.

  3. Gorgeous painting, I love the combination of colours you have used.

  4. oh my gosh - this is AWESOME. and i love the look on the recipient's face - she LOVES it.

  5. Fantastic! Always nice to hear how people benefit from daily practices and applying themselves. Even better that it transfers over into your painting, because it means you have even more ways to create as a result of all your sketchbook time. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. This is such a great painting.... I am impressed at how you can do a black dog and, of course, the eyes are masterful! I am a proud MAMA.


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