Commissioned drawings that have now been gifted

Normally, I have the ability to delay gratification about THIS long (imagine my thumb and finger about one centimeter apart)... but when I do a commissioned drawing or painting that will be a gift, I need to put on my "big girl pants" and NOT SHARE for a while.  Oh the maturity.

Well, here are some drawings that made their way to their recipients from my generous patrons.  I hear they may have made people shed a tear.  Which is the best.

This first one was for a teen-aged daughter of the patron.  If you look carefully, you might find her name snuck onto a store sign.  This drawing now lives in Ohio.  I parked along Solano Avenue in Albany to do this with the live energy of the place, albeit from the comfort of my car - it was chilly!  My favorite person in this drawing is the kid who was having an awesome time just playing with a giant stick.  Who needs an iPhone?

 The two gatos here and their little canine friend went to a lovely couple here in California.  They are very cherished furry family members.


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