Melbourne is for coffee lovers

Oh man, did I love Melbourne!  Spent two weeks there largely on business but of course wedged quite a bit of sketching in whenever possible.

Here is my full album of photos on Flicker.

And a few examples posted here.  It was summer there and quite toasty.  The CBD (or Central Business District) was so beautifully designed and vibrant with a mix of business people, tourists, students, artists, shoppers and other locals.  I loved the lanes between the major avenues where you'd find people all day conducting business at cafes and bistros - as if the city planning gods somehow selected the best aspects of British, California and Italian street culture and plunked them all on this distant island.

And the coffee!  I am spoiled for anything else now.  But don't try ordering an Americano (as I did) and then worsen your blunder by asking for room so you can add cream.  Oh no.  The barista will do whatever needs to be done to that coffee, not you.  They explained this in the most warm, friendly Australian manner but it was not negotiable.  And, I learned, what I'd call an Americano is, down under, a "long black."  Cappuccinos, affogatos, lattes - I savored them all.

And I found it quite easy to find delicious vegan food everywhere.  The key to restaurant life as a vegan is to just make a great meal out of what the restaurant is going to call "sides."  And to ask a friendly server, "What's the best veggie thing you have here?"
Julio, (?), Angela, Kate, Janice, Kym - Urban Sketchers Melbourne

Another trip highlight was meeting up with the Urban Sketchers Melbourne group, which also included one of my Sketchbook Skool klassmates, Angela.  It's so heart-warming to finally meet people you've grown to like and admire online and find out they are even more fabulous in person.  We sketched the famous Flinders Street train station and then walked up Swanston to grab some Chinese food for dinner.  I'm so grateful for this group's hospitality!

You can find more of their work at the Urban Sketchers Australia blog.


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