Baywoof "Beast of the Bay" awards

I was thrilled to discover that people entered me into the "Beast of the Bay" awards for Best Pet Artist and I was a finalist!  Thank you to whoever you are!!

The full list of winners is here - the artist award is number 41:

I found out about this because someone emailed me out of the blue to ask for a dog portrait and it turns out this is how they learned about me.

How cool is that?  Here is a little sketch of his dog - soon I'll do a full portrait of him and share that here also.


  1. This is majorly kool and I am happy for your win!!! Hey, maybe those dogs could be romping in the new "Spring Grass"; and then could be posted over at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens for our current "Spring" theme! Missing you and your art there! Hope you'll come back soon.


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