Beach week sketching

Thanks to my very generous mom, our family had a week at a wonderful house near the Pacific Ocean and I had lots of time to relax and sketch.  I brought my full oil painting kit out but really enjoyed doing the ink and watercolor - plus it always seemed like family time was more important than "go off alone and do plein air" time (at least in this situation.)

Here are my pages from the week - all done from life (not photos).  The first photo is a view from the front porch, drawn in the owner's guest book as my thank you.  I loved the flags left over from the Fourth of July.

To see these bigger, click on the first one and keep clicking to page through them all.

This is a rough sketch of view from front porch.

View of egrets on the lagoon.

My dog Lulu in the big backyard.

I got tuned into the tide chart since Grayson was being fearful of waves.

Another view from the front porch, early morning.
Great day on Thursday when Mom's watercolor journal ladies came to visit.  They were fabulous.

Very quick sketch of Elsa carrying her surfboard.  She moves fast.  

Front porch again, with poodle and raven.


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