When you love your subject, it shows

"Bonded" Uniball and Schmincke watercolor on paper - for Shelley
I remember feeling so worried about focusing my art on things like dogs - that this somehow would not be "real" or "important" art.  Now, I'm so relieved I didn't pursue that worry but just stuck to what interests and sparks me  I believe that if you have a strong connection with your subject, it always shows up as energy in the finished art piece.

This latest thing (not sure whether to call it a drawing with watercolor or a painting with ink drawing) was a great reminder of that for me.  My lovely cousin Shelley just finished a very difficult program of study and I am feeling very proud of her for pursuing her dream so vigorously.

So I stole a very sweet photo of her two rescue dogs off her Facebook album and based this surprise piece for her on the photo.  She'd written that she'd "waited 20 years for dogs bonded like this" - and I knew exactly what she meant.  There was resonance on this subject on many levels.  I felt nothing but joy and flow while working on it.

It's great to know this is all possible.  I've long since decided that the guidance of "do what you love and the money will follow" isn't for everyone.

However, I do think I believe in this: Do what you love, and the work you love will follow.  It may not be the work that pays your bills (in my case, it's work I do in my non-paid time), but it'll be there for you to lift your soul.  Not too shabby, in my opinion.


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