14 - Trevor Brown

Catchers know what's up.

#14 - Trevor Brown

Something about this shot of Trevor with the head mask reminded me of an exhibit of Samurai soldier history that I saw (and drew from) a couple of years ago in Montreal.  (http://m.pacmusee.qc.ca/en/exhibitions/samurai-the-prestigious-collection-of-richard-beliveau#PhotoSwipe1462821005763)


Thank you to Kelley L Cox of USA TODAY Sports for taking the gorgeous photo I used for reference.

This drawing is part of a daily challenge I've given myself of "A Gigante a Day".  I will draw one member of the San Francisco Giants team (and organization) every day until the end of baseball season, starting with the current roster.  To see them all, click "Giants" under "artwork by topic" on the blog homepage.

Artline .5 pen, Staedtler watercolor pencils


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