58 - Bill Hayes

Unexpected benefit of doing this "Gigante a day" project is that I'm learning more about the team and their organization.  Which I guess I should have expected, but didn't think much about beyond "hey there will be some unfamiliar faces."  The project was definitely a spur-of-the-moment thing.  

Anyhow, Bill Hayes (also called Billy and apparently formerly called "Wild Bill") is someone I'd never heard of.  And yes, I'm a relatively new baseball fan, so hope any true long-time fans will forgive my learning curve.   Found a great article about him here for others who'd like to appreciate him more.  (It dates from 2014 when he was bullpen catcher.)

Now, he's your first base coach for the second year running.

I like a guy who was playing the majors when I was in high school.

This drawing is part of a daily challenge I've given myself of "A Gigante a Day".  I will draw one member of the San Francisco Giants team (and organization) every day until the end of baseball season, starting with the current roster.  To see them all, click "Giants" under "artwork by topic" on the blog homepage.

Uniball Air pen, Staedtler and Derwent watercolor pencils


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