Gigante a day - Santiago Casilla

Encouraged both by Vin Ganapathy and Nelleke Verhoeff's instruction in Sketchbook Skool, I decided to make a commitment and blog here to keep me going.

First project here is "a Gigante a day"- meaning, I will draw one of the San Francisco Giants every day until the end of baseball season.  I'll start with the current roster and go from there.  I might try different styles and media.  I started with a couple of my favorite players and reserve the right to redo these if I feel like it. :)  Since I suspect I might get better as I go, so perhaps should have started with my least favorite?

So!  Who first?

Santiago Casilla.  He is my current favorite because he is steady, unassuming, powerful and, ok, let's admit it, beautiful to behold.


Micron Pigma marker, Staedtler watercolor pencil


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